What we do

We provide capacity development in both evaluation and communication for IDRC research projects in the Information & Networks Program (I&N).  We provide mentoring in Utilization-focused Evaluation (UFE),  a decision-making framework that accommodates a wide range of evaluation methods. In parallel, we provide mentoring in research communication (ResCom) to help projects plan how they interact with stakeholders and share findings.

DECI-2 is a research project aimed at test-driving capacity development in these two fields. An assumption is that the combined effect of UFE and Research Communication will enhance the internal learning culture within projects; and it will enable projects to focus attention early on communication planning to enhance the reach and uptake of research outcomes. DECI-2 supported by IDRC’s Networked Economies Program.

Download a two-page description of DECI-2 or the DECI 2 presentation.

Who we are

DECI-2 is hosted by the New Economy Development Group, a consulting group in Ottawa, Canada. Dal Brodhead and Ricardo Ramírez are co-leaders, with support from Wendy Quarry (Ottawa).

We have a team of mentors in East Africa, Asia and Latin America who work directly with project partners.

The East Africa mentors are: Julius Nyangaga (Kenya) for UFE and Charles Dhewa (Zimbabwe) for ResCom.

The Latin America & Caribbean mentors are: Joaquín Navas (Paraguay) for UFE and Bruce Girard (Uruguay) for ResCom.

The Asia mentors are: Sonal Zaveri (India) for UFE and Vira Ramelan (Indonesia) for ResCom.

Photos and short bios of the DECI 2 team.

Where we work and with whom

DECI-2 supports several IDRC-funded research networks blue

Associated projects and grantees red

UFE mentors and ResCom mentors harbor

yellowDECI-1 partners

worldProject coordination

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DECI Network

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New Economy Development Group: 45.421530, -75.697193
Open Education Resources for Development, ROER4D: -33.924869, 18.424055
Open & Collaborative Science in Development, OCSDNet: -1.292066, 36.821946
Privacy International: 51.507351, -0.127758
Combating maternal mortality among tea workers: 26.200604, 92.937574
Tracking tuberculosis, Operation ASHA (Cambodia): 12.565679, 104.990963
Cook Islands Maori Database: -21.236736, -159.777671
Information Society Innovation Fund, ISIF : -27.471011, 153.023449
Cyberstewards: 43.653226, -79.383184
UFE mentor: -1.227841, 36.905729
UFE mentor: 45.572744, -73.586295
UFE mentor: 19.075984, 72.877656
ResCom mentor: -34.901113, -56.164531
ResCom mentor: -17.863889, 31.029722
ResCom mentor: -6.175110, 106.865039
ISIF (Apnic): -27.558771, 152.275740
Dream_IT Mongola: 47.920000, 106.920000
PANACeA: 24.861462, 67.009939
SIRCA: 1.352083, 103.819836
LIRNEAsia: 7.873054, 80.771797
Digital Learning for Development http://dl4d.org: 14.599512, 120.984219
Asociación de Derechos Civiles, ADC http://www.adc.org.ar: -34.603684, -58.381559
EAFIT: 6.250000, -75.583330
Justice Forum: 51.464414, -0.982156