What we do

Since 2009 we have provided capacity development in  evaluation and communication for IDRC research projects in the Networked Economies Program.  We bring experience in Utilization-focused Evaluation (UFE),  a decision-making framework that accommodates a wide range of evaluation methods. In parallel, we integrated mentoring in research communication (ResCom) to help projects plan how they interact with stakeholders and share findings.

DECI-2 is an applied research project supported by IDRC’s Networked Economies Program.  We have evidence that the combined support in UFE and Research Communication enhances the internal learning culture within projects. A 2017 External Evaluation of DECI-2 confirmed that the mentoring helped our partners became ‘adaptive managers’ as they adjusted their project strategies to maximize impact.

Our Theory of Change details what we have done, the benefits experienced partners, and our own changes in capabilities.

Download a two-page description of DECI-2 or the DECI 2 project presentation.

Who we are

DECI-2 is hosted by the New Economy Development Group, a consulting group in Ottawa, Canada. Dal Brodhead and Ricardo Ramírez are co-Principal Investigators, with support from Wendy Quarry (Ottawa).

We have a team of mentors in East Africa, Asia and Latin America who work directly with project partners.

The East Africa mentors are: Julius Nyangaga (Kenya) and Charles Dhewa (Zimbabwe).

The Latin America & Caribbean mentor is: Joaquín Navas (Montreal) with earlier support by Bruce Girard (Uruguay). 

The Asia mentors are: Sonal Zaveri (India) and Vira Ramelan (Indonesia).

Photos and short bios of the DECI 2 team.

Where we work and with whom

DECI-2 supports several IDRC-funded research networks blue

Associated projects and grantees red

UFE mentors and ResCom mentors harbor

yellowDECI-1 partners

worldProject coordination

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DECI Network

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New Economy Development Group: 45.421530, -75.697193
Open Education Resources for Development, ROER4D: -33.924869, 18.424055
Open & Collaborative Science in Development, OCSDNet: -1.292066, 36.821946
Privacy International: 51.507351, -0.127758
Combating maternal mortality among tea workers: 26.200604, 92.937574
Tracking tuberculosis, Operation ASHA (Cambodia): 12.565679, 104.990963
Cook Islands Maori Database: -21.236736, -159.777671
Information Society Innovation Fund, ISIF : -27.471011, 153.023449
Cyberstewards: 43.653226, -79.383184
UFE mentor: -1.227841, 36.905729
UFE mentor: 45.572744, -73.586295
UFE mentor: 19.075984, 72.877656
ResCom mentor: -34.901113, -56.164531
ResCom mentor: -17.863889, 31.029722
ResCom mentor: -6.175110, 106.865039
ISIF (Apnic): -27.558771, 152.275740
Dream_IT Mongola: 47.920000, 106.920000
PANACeA: 24.861462, 67.009939
SIRCA: 1.352083, 103.819836
LIRNEAsia: 7.873054, 80.771797
Digital Learning for Development http://dl4d.org: 14.599512, 120.984219
Asociación de Derechos Civiles, ADC http://www.adc.org.ar: -34.603684, -58.381559
EAFIT: 6.250000, -75.583330
Justice Forum: 51.464414, -0.982156