During DECI-1 we provided mentoring in UFE for partners in Asia.

UFE is an approach to evaluation that emphasizes the use of the findings and the learning process itself. The central premise of Utilization-Focused Evaluation (UFE) is that evaluations should be judged by their utility and actual use. In UFE, evaluators facilitate a learning process with attention to how real people in the real world apply evaluation findings and experiences.   In designing a utilization-focused evaluation — the attention is constantly on the intended use by intended users. UFE does not prescribe any specific content, method or theory. It is a framework, as opposed to another methodology. UFE can include a wide variety of evaluation methods. It is a process for learning and making decisions in consultation with those who can benefit from the evaluation. It is based on the fact that intended users will more likely utilize an evaluation in which they have ownership. Users can include beneficiaries, project managers and funders.

For more information, see Utilization‐focused evaluation: Ensuring lessons are put to work.