dalDal Brodhead is the Director of the New Economy Development Group, a value-based consulting firm based in Ottawa.  Dal brings a strong background in community development, project management and applied research in Canada and internationally. He has held senior management positions in the Federal Government. Dal led one of CIDA’s largest micro-finance and human development projects in Bangladesh (1991-2002). He has worked in Asia, Africa and Latin America as a Project Lead, evaluator and analyst. Dal and Ricardo are currently co-Principal Investigators of the IDRC DECI- 2 project.

charlesCharles Dhewa is a Knowledge Management and Communication Specialist working at the intersection of formal and informal African economies where agriculture is a key driver of livelihood opportunities.  He is the Chief Executive Officer of an organization known as Knowledge Transfer Africa (Pvt) Ltd based in Zimbabwe. Some of his activities can be found at: www.knowledgetransafrica.com and www.emkambo.co.zw.


bgBruce Girard has broad experience in radio, journalism, training, research and development communication. From his base in Uruguay, Girard directs Fundación Comunica, a not-for-profit venture specialized in research and communication. He is the Executive Director of International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) and has consulted for numerous national and international organizations including UNDP, UNESCO, UNRISD, FAO, and ITU and has lived and worked in Africa, Latin America, North America and Europe.


joaquinJoaquin Navas is an independent evaluation consultant based in South America since 2009.  Joaquin has done most of his work on Utilization-Focused Evaluation in international development projects and is currently involved in DECI-2 as a U-FE mentor for Latin America. Prior to working in evaluation, Joaquin worked for more than 10 years in technology transfer projects in the agri-business sector, both in Canada and abroad. He holds a B.Sc. in Animal Science and a M.Sc. in Adult Learning. His main professional interests are around the use of evaluation and business analytics for organizational learning.


juliusJulius Nyangaga is the CEO/Director of Right Track Africa, a Nairobi-based consortium of consultants that provides support in strategy development, facilitating Innovative solutions and systems, and monitoring and evaluation using Outcome Mapping. Julius is specialized in incorporating qualitative aspects of development through Outcome Mapping in program designs, implementation and performance analysis. Julius has provided forum facilitation and M&E services to IDRC (East Africa), the Ford Foundation (East Africa), the SNV, ASARECA, the Kenya National Drought Management Authority (NDMA) and many others. Before joining Right Track, Julius worked as the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Manager for the International Institute of Rural Reconstruction (IIRR), and as a Research Associate at the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI).

wendyWendy Quarry, evaluator and communication advisor is a consultant based with New Economy Development Group in Ottawa.  She brings decades of experience in Africa and India: Ghana 5 (CIDA), India (World Bank) both in evaluation and communication. She has been project and a program manager in Pakistan, Afghanistan (Oxfam/NOVIB), Mozambique and Egypt. She recently worked with BRAC in Pakistan and Afghanistan to both evaluate and strategize its program with a focus on maternal and child health and early childhood education. She is currently mentor with DECI-2 on research communication and co-led the utilization-focused evaluation of Research Information Africa (RIA) in South Africa.

viraDr. Vira Riyandari Ramelan is a communication consultant, based in Jakarta, Indonesia. She brings a strong background in participatory development communication, training and applied research. She has more than fifteen years of professional working experience in the field of development communication with various international organizations and projects, including UNDP, AUSAID, and WWF-Indonesia. Her areas of interest include development and environment. She is currently mentor with DECI-2 on research communication.


ricardoRicardo Ramírez is a researcher and consultant, based in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. He brings experience in the fields of evaluation, communication for development in rural and remote settings. He worked with FAO’s Communication for Development Group (Rome), with ILEIA (the Netherlands) and was professor of Capacity Development at the Univeristy of Guelph, where remains as adjunct. He provides participatory research for rural development projects and was co-founder of the International Support Group, a professional association registered in the Netherlands. He has collaborated with Dal over the years in evaluation assignments and communication strategy development, and is co-principal investigator in DECI-2. He co-authored a Primer on UFE with Dal Brodhead with the support of the IDRC.

sonalDr. Sonal Zaveri is Mumbai-based, with extensive experience in the region both in the subject-matter area and in evaluation. She is a leader in the South Asia Evaluation Society, advisor to the gender and evaluation network, has been an international advisor to the Child-to-Child Trust in the UK, senior consultant to the Keeping Children Safe Coalitionand has worked with two of the other team members as part of the IDRC supported DECI-1 project that pioneered  UFE in Asia. This collaboration continues as part of the IDRC DECI-2 global team that is active in Asia, Africa and Latin America piloting UFE and research communications linked.