DECI-2 works with research partners that are part of IDRC’s Information and Networks Program.

Our practice is to negotiate an agreement with each partner to provide mentoring in Utilization-focused Evaluation (UFE) and in Research Communication (ResCom). We do this  once we have established that the partner is ‘ready’. Our readiness requirements are spelled out in a Memorandum of Understanding.  Readiness is a key feature of UFE that we have come to recognize as a ‘must have’ step to ensure both parties have the resources and attributes to design and complete useful evaluations and communication strategies.

The DECI-2 project spells out the following desirable readiness conditions in its MoU’s with partners in the IDRC I&N Program.

The I&N project provides:

  • The staffing of the evaluation and communication team (be the internal or contracted).
  • The funds to implement all steps of the evaluation plan and the communication strategy.
  • A commitment to allocate time during the project cycle to both areas.
  • Funders’ commitment to UFE.
  • Leadership commitment.

DECI-2 provides:

  • Introductory briefings.
  • 30 person days of mentoring in UFE and Communication over an agreed project calendar.
  • Travel for 2 face-to-face sessions to be timed with the partner.
  • Additional mentoring by co-Principal Investigators.
  • Lesson sharing among projects.
  • Process documentation.