DECI-2 in a nutshell


The DECI-2 project design combines the following activities:

  • DECI-2 provides capacity development in both evaluation and communication for IDRC research projects in the Information & Networks Program (I&N); we do this through teams of regional mentors based in East Africa, South & South-east Asia; and Latin America.
  • DECI-2 offers mentoring in Utilization-Focused Evaluation – an approach to evaluation that focuses on producing evaluations that are actually utilized.  At the same time, DECI-2 offers mentoring in Research Communication, to assist projects in developing and implementing their communication strategies.
  • DECI-2 is a research project aimed at test-driving capacity development in these two fields.  An assumption is that the combined effect of UFE and Research Communication will enhance the internal learning culturewithin projects; and it will enable projects to focus attention early on communication planning to enhance the reach and use of research outcomes.

Our Research Questions:

  1. To what extent can the introduction and UFE and Research Communication happen in a combined manner?
  2. What are the factors that shape the operationalization of an integrated UFE and Communication mentoring, (e.g. the nature of the projects, the readiness by staff for UFE and Communication, the nature of the ‘key evaluation questions’, the range of communication functions incorporated into a Communication Strategy, etc.)?
  3. To what extend can mentoring and implementation happen in an integrated manner (for instance: the same project staff learned UFE and Research Communication) Vs. in a parallel manner (similar steps were introduced between UFE and Research Communication but were implemented by separate teams)?
  4. What are the outputs, outcomes and (ideally) impacts that demonstrate the added value of an integrated approach to UFE and Research Communication mentoring?