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This site contains evaluation and research communication mentoring tools, articles and case studies. Our work is relevant to practitioners, to commissioners of evaluation & communication, and to scholars in both fields.


We provide Utilization-Focused Evaluation (U-FE) mentoring as a decision-making framework that helps organizations improve their strategies.

We provide Research Communication (ResCom) mentoring to help organizations communicate their findings more effectively.

The U-FE and ResCom hybrid enables project leaders to become adaptive managers.

We do research on how to better use evaluation and communication to influence public policy.

We enjoy sharing our findings with other people and organizations who are also keen learners.

Our knowledge base offers a wide range of materials that can help you learn more about our experience.

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DECI-AM: Designing Evaluation and Communication

for Adaptive Management – funded by:


"The Communication Strategy has adapted to the Project’s shift in focus from preliminary research activities toward full operationalisation within an ‘Open Research’ ethos.”

ROER4D – South Africa, 2017

“Because of our U-FE finding the partners want more frequent and genuine opportunities to engage with Privacy International and with each other, we have established a new communication platform.”

Privacy international - United Kingdom, 2015

“The recommendations provided on how to structure the future of the initiative were the most valuable contributions to CONDATOS. Also engaging with government officials and clarifying their intentions and expectations about the conference was very helpful.”

Latin American Open Data Conference (CONDATOS) – Chile, 2015

"So people came to the workshops where the basic concepts of U-FE were introduced, and people felt excited. They said “we are no longer afraid of evaluation”.”

DREAM-IT Project - Mongolia, 2012

“The process helped us to be very intentional and strategic at formulating and achieving our communication objectives… For example, we participated at the public enquiry that was done to modify the existing law on the protection of personal data and government officials took some of our inputs."

Asociación Derechos Civiles (ADC) – Argentina, 2016

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