The Open and Collaborative Science in Development Network (OCSDNet) brings together twelve researcher-practitioner teams from the Global South. They explore the role of openness and collaboration in science as a transformative tool for development thinking and practice. One goal of the network is to nurture an interactive community of Open Science practitioners and leaders to learn together and contribute towards a pool of open knowledge on how networked collaboration could address local and global development challenges. The overarching question for the network is “…whether, and under what conditions open and collaborative approaches could contribute to the effective application of research seeking to achieve development goals at multiple levels – from individuals to institutions, and from the national through to regional and global communities.”

DECI-2 provided mentoring to this network in both UFE and ResCom from the beginning of its project cycle. At the beginning, the OCSDNet team had limited resources for evaluation or communication. However, they re-allocated resources and placed emphasis on a systematic dissemination of their manifesto. In mid 2017 DECI-2 mentors were able to participate in an all-team gathering and facilitate a process of self-reflection using evaluative thinking and communication planning steps. This was an example of a mentoring process that was non-linear and was adjusted as the project evolved and the network matured.