Privacy International (PI) is a registered charity based in London whose goals are to defend and promote the right to privacy across the world. PI investigates the secret world of government surveillance and they expose the companies enabling it. PI advocates for strong national, regional, and international laws that protect privacy and conducts research to catalyze policy change. With the IDRC support, PI has strengthened the capacity other partners in developing countries and work with international organizations to protect the most vulnerable. The DECI-2 team began mentoring the PI staff involved with the IDRC project in 2013. In this instance, the UFE and ResCom mentoring had little or no overlap. The evaluation process was very developmental in that it helped improve the research network as the project evolved. A full communication strategy was developed in tandem. In looking back, PI felt that the mentoring had been of practical use in helping their internal strategic plans during a period of significant growth in personnel.